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Life, business, successes, obstacles, and mindset from the Kajabi Co-Founder

Apr 21, 2017

In the below video Troy Dean chats with Travis Rosser, Co-Founder from Kajabi about life, business, successes, obstacles, and attitude.


To learn more about Kajabi - Click Here

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Should I Use ConvertKit As My Email Provider?

Mar 21, 2017

ConvertKit is a powerful email service provider that provides InfusionSoft like automation capabilities without the InfusionSoft price.  

Email marketing is a hot topic these days. 

And for good reason. Implemented properly, it will certainly become the most important tool in your business for creating relationships and making sales.

According to Capterra, the average return on $1 spent on email marketing is $44.25!

This is why you should take your time and invest in a good email service provider.

is an amazing tool to have in your digital toolbox when it comes to your online marketing efforts.  Why you may ask?  

Here is why in my opinion and others :

  • It's user-friendly (super easy to use!)
  • You can tag and segment your contacts
  • You only have one email subscriber list

 Click here to check out ConvertKit


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Build A Membership Site With New Kajabi

Nov 16, 2016

Have you considered New Kajabi to build out your membership site?   By now I think you should.   New Kajabi is one of the robust hosted membership platforms you could use to build your product / service by the time of writing this - Late November 2016.  

New Kajabi out of other platforms such as Teachable and Thinkific is probably the most comprehensive system allowing you to sell everything from digital downloads to a full membership. 

Click here to access New Kajabi

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Facebook's redesigned business Pages roll out all users

Aug 06, 2016

If you’ve visited a business or brand’s Facebook Page in recent days, you may have noticed things look a little different.

Check out the video below.   

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Want To Drive A Ton Of Sales To Your Business Using Pokemon Go? Here's How

Jul 14, 2016

Okay, I admit it. I have Pokemon Go on my phone.  It launched in the UK this morning and already is the #1 downloaded app.  It also also the #1 highest grossing app in the world.

In fact, Pokemon Go has broken a lot of records in its first week in the US. The game has more downloads in a week than Tinder (a popular dating app) has had in its first four years.

In terms of “daily active users”, Pokemon Go is on-track to surpass Twitter within a matter of days. And, mobile users already spent more time on Pokemon Go than on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

Here’s the best part: you can’t play the game sitting at home. In order to play, you have to get out of the house and walk around.

Read that again.

Leaving their houses.
Walking and driving around their town.

Sounds like a business opportunity, doesn’t it?

It is.  As players walk around their towns or cities playing the game, businesses like movie theaters, restaurants, and...

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How to incorporate ‪#‎PokemonGo‬ into your marketing

Jul 12, 2016

1. Use it during a typically slow period of your day to get more foot traffic, and then use your creativity to turn them into a paying customer.

2. Photoshop them in your business, near your business, etc.

3. If your business doubles as a Gym and a PokeStop, Use Lure Modules before popular events like sales, mixers, GNOs, open houses, etc.

4. This should be an online initiative, not a print initiative.
Advertising on your Facebook Page. Twitter, beforehand is a smart strategy, and there’s nothing more enticing to players than knowing ahead of time when and where they can catch a bunch of Pokémon!

Click here to check out this article from INC

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How To Move Your WordPress Site To A New Domain

Apr 17, 2016

Moving or transferring your WordPress site from one domain to another is pretty easy when you do it many times.  

There are a number of plugins, both free and very costly, that will help make the process easier.

Before you spend money on a plugin or program, or end up breaking your site when you use a free plugin that seems easy until you hit the ‘Go’ button and you get a blank screen where your site use to be…

Spend a few minutes reviewing the videos below.  

I’ve broken the process down to a few simple steps.



1. Create folder on desktop to hold all files
2. Access cPanel for both source AND destination
3. Source – select and compress all items to be moved into single zip file (site zip)
4. Source – in phpMyadmin, export database in sql format
5. Destination – Upload site zip
6. Destination – While site zip is uploading, create database and ‘note’ name, username & password
7. Destination...

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