We're about the results of online learning and the people along the way.

100% bootstrapped company!

Our Mission : We exist to help small business owners gain the knowledge they need to understand and use in today’s digital economy.  

Who's behind Triovia?

Triovia is founded by Geoffrey Moffett and a small but talented team of freelance instructors and authors who you’ll find throughout our courses, podcasts, and articles.  

Our Story

In 2011, we began as a web and consultancy agency but quickly became enamoured with digital marketing.

In 2023, we started working on a digital marketing academy (Triovia) that will launch in 2024 and provide creators and business owners with a simple yet effective platform for learning digital marketing and growing their businesses.


Keeping It Simple

We are strong advocates of keeping things simple. We have no complex corporate hierarchy or unnecessary features, and our sole focus is on creating a product that our customers will love. We invest in what matters for long-term success, and we are committed to making our product enjoyable to use in every way, from its clean design to its brief instructional videos to its exceptional customer support.

Geoffrey Moffett