You Are Your USP!

louise brogan social bee ni Jan 10, 2019

There’s a term in the business world: USP. It stands for Unique Selling Point, and if you’re at all interested in business, then you’ll know that it’s the one thing every business needs to find in order to succeed.

The great news is that each and every one of us is unique, and your uniqueness IS your USP when you use this type of marketing!

It’s only when you realise that being one of the flock of marketers on the internet, all with identical sites, and identical selling methods, is never going to yield the results that you want, that you can truly start to make a change.

You need to figure out what your unique talents are, what makes you special, and then use those talents to set yourself apart. You need to make yourself memorable, rather than yet another number in an endless line of sites that look the same, sound the same, and fail because of the same things.

Remember – none of those personality free, boring and generic sites can build relationships for you, and RELATIONSHIPS are the only thing that separates your business from any one else’s.

By now, you should have realised why it’s so important to build your brand, and let your personality shine through in your website, and in all your online marketing endeavours.

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