Ten reasons why you are not seeing social media follower growth

content marketing Mar 12, 2021

Many of us tend to think that the algorithm is pitted against us when our follower growth stagnates, but this is not always true. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok are constantly changing at record speed and no matter what they do behind the scenes, these platforms are continually growing.

Successful social media marketing doesn't happen overnight. It might take time, effort and patience to create a following that is loyal and engaged, but it's worth it in the end because you'll be able to grow your business with your brand at the center of people's minds.

So before throwing in the towel or cursing the Instagram gods, we want to encourage you to explore these ten reasons why you might be struggling to grow your following at an optimal rate while also keeping your sanity!

1. You're not delivering value to your readers

Creating content that your customers want is a key to success in the social media world. Anyone can post on these sites, but for them to be successful and make money, they need to create posts that their followers won't find anywhere else.  

Social media may seem intimidating at first, but there are a number of ways to make your account stand out.

For example, many businesses in the same niche as yours have accounts-- so you need to provide a reason for people to want to engage with your content. Some ideas include educational tips, additional resources, tutorials, and shopping guides.

2.  You most likely are not posting at consistent times 

Timing is everything, and it's not enough to just make great content, because if nobody ever sees it then your efforts are wasted. Make sure you post at the peak time for your audience so that they will come back on a regular basis to see what you have created.

3. You are not engaging within your niche 

Engaging with niche content on social media is important because those who follow your brand/business are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Engagement within the specialized niche of followers who have seen or interacted with your business before, will keep them coming back and hopefully buy into what you're selling.

4. You are deviating from your brand

Your brand is what attracts new customers and keeps previous clients coming back.

Consequently, your business needs to be mindful of how it's branding itself on social media. A key way to stand out from the competition is by sticking with a strong brand that sets you apart from other businesses

Every time you deviate from this brand, such as with marketing campaigns or product descriptions, you're telling your audience that either you don't care about your business enough or don't think it's worth investing in for them.

5. You do not ask page owners with a bigger following for feedback 

Reaching out to larger accounts that have an established following can be a great resource for finding out what people want from your social media or blog.

It might seem weird at first, but if you don't ask questions about problems they notice, how will you know where improvement is needed?

6. You are not responding to comments 

Commenting can be a two-way street - but it's never easy for either side of the road! For example, if you want visitors to leave a thoughtful comment on your post, then you need something worth commenting about.

A call-to-action will help guide people into providing their thoughts and opinions. And when someone leaves a comment? Give that person some attention too! Make sure they feel seen (and heard!)

7. You are not utilizing direct messaging 

The message feature found on any platform can be a huge asset if used correctly. The great thing about DMs is it gives you the ability to take control of your "marketing" communications by directly contacting anyone at the touch of a button.

Gone are the days where you had to track someone down just to get their email or phone number.

Now, every single person and account that you follow will be able to see when they've been contacted by you personally; taking into consideration how important social media communication has become for modern marketing strategies, what better way than with direct messaging?

8. You are not collaborating with others 

Collaboration is a great way to grow your follower base. Partner up with other businesses on social media platforms and find out what their audience loves, take surveys to see if there are any topics that resonate more than others, create content collaboratively so you both benefit from it. The possibilities are endless!

9. You are not publishing relevant content 

Don't be a copycat. Unless you're willing to put in the time and energy, your account will never have any value. Originality is key for success on social media, which means that 99% of your content needs to be original!

10. No hashtag strategy 

It's important to research the hashtags before you post for a couple of reasons.

There could be people using that hashtag while you're posting, but they might not be your target audience. You also want to make sure it is appropriate size and desired type of hashtag for your caption.

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