The Change In Thinking

Jan 09, 2019

If you’re like most people who have been involved in the network marketing industry, you’ve probably heard the same thing over and over again. Buy leads. Sell hard.

Harass friends and family until they buy. Cold call. Spam as many people as possible, regardless of who they are, and what they want. Get more marketing out there, don’t worry about targeting. It’s a numbers game. SELL HARD!

The trouble is, even though the people in your up line are telling you these things, and that they will work, you probably spend most of your day doing them, with little or no result. For the first few weeks, you think it’s a fluke, and then you start to realise that that type of marketing DOES NOT WORK!

For the amount of time, energy and money you’re pouring into following instructions like these, you’re getting very little, if anything, in return. You’ll probably even find that this type of marketing means you spend much more than you earn.

It’s also no fun at all, which you will discover very soon after you start to use this type of marketing. Essentially, as much as you don’t want to be cold calling on people who are likely to be rude, not understand who you are or what you’re talking about, and generally annoyed that you called them, those people on that list you bought don’t want you to call them!

One of the biggest reasons you’re likely to get a dismal response when you cold call is that the people you’re calling don’t know you at all.

How would YOU like to be called up at home, while you’re busy with your family or other commitments, by someone you don’t know, selling something you’ve never heard of? If you said not much, then you’d be right on target! The truth is, cold calling is all about long, thankless working hours, where the successes are few and far between, and your days are all about frustration, rejection, and worry.

Because you will be worried! As you watch your money flowing out, and no one responding to your marketing efforts, you’ll start to worry that you’re never going to make it as a marketer.

If you stick to old, outdated cold calling methods, you probably won’t. If you keep following what I am telling you in my blog posts, you can kiss cold calling goodbye! You won’t HAVE to call your prospects, because they’re going to CALL YOU!

The good thing is that because you’re reading this blog,  you won’t have to go through the months of frustration and expense that most people do before realising that the old way to market – the way that my own upline were telling me to use, just DOES NOT work!


The big change for me came when I connected the fact that people want to buy from a PERSON, rather than an unknown corporation. I made changes to my website. They weren’t dramatic, but they showed me as a person. My life, my interests, my successes, and even my failures.

Simply adding my biography page to my site, and giving my business a FACE that my potential customers could connect with, really was the turning point in my marketing.

I added some information about the businesses and products I was working with, and why I was confident in them, and then I used that to connect with my clients. I still made the odd phone call, but I made a point of directing my prospects to my biography, and you know what, being able to connect the voice on the phone with an actual person made all the differences.

THAT’S why branding yourself is so important. When I made my follow up calls, a few days after the initial call, and nine out of ten prospects greeted me by name. They knew who I was, and they were much more willing to listen to me. The revelations didn’t stop there though.

I took it one-step forward, and started promoting my biography, rather than my replicated sites. I drove all my marketing traffic to that page, and THAT was when everything really changed for me. Instead of doing things backwards – trying to sell products first, and myself second, I introduced myself first, and THEN told people about my products.

Turning things around also turned my marketing efforts around.

Very soon after I started marketing myself first, and my business second, I started getting calls from prospects who were interested. They’d seen my page, felt they knew and trusted me as a PERSON, and wanted to know more about the products I spoke about.

Instead of chasing leads, and trying to convince people who did not know me at all, I was getting calls from people who already knew, liked, and trusted me.

That’s the power of personal branding, and THAT is what turned my business around.

Had I not made that discovery, chances are I would have given up, like so many marketers do, and gone back to my day job. But with the power of personal branding on my side, I turned my business and my life around completely.  The funny thing is, I work less now, and I get more business!

If you follow this philosophy and allow your prospects to come to you, instead of pursuing them, and if you focus on building the relationship first, the exact same thing will happen to you!

This IS a result you can replicate in your own business. I don’t face rejection. I don’t have to sell hard. I get calls from people who already know me, and my business, and are ready to buy.

Using this system, you will have the same results. You will get calls from pre-qualified buyers, who want to do business with you. You will receive orders from people you’ve never even spoken to, who want to be a part of your business.

You will start to make more money than you ever thought possible when you were too busy ‘selling’ to build relationships. Every single day, I get emails from prospects who’ve been to my websites, and who want to get involved in my business or buy my products.

They’re ready to buy, they know what they’re buying, and all it takes is a simple call or response to sign them up. Doesn’t that sound easier than making hundreds of calls to people who don’t want to talk to you?

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