Our Top Ten Video Editing Apps Recommendations

content marketing Jul 22, 2021

Video is the future of content marketing and your business will reap its benefits. Video provides more value than just pictures, so if you are looking for an engaging way to share your message with customers, it's time to start making video a priority.

A video is an excellent way to increase engagement in marketing emails. A recent study found that a well-made, informational video about your business/product or service can boost click-through rates by 200% or more!

Videos are the best at getting people's attention and they're easy for customers to consume on any device.

Landing pages with embedded video have also shown to have an 80% increase in conversion rates (Cincopa). And people spend 88% more time on websites that provide video content than those without video (Forbes).

What are the best free video editing tools in the App Store? We've got ten for you!

Splice - This is the BEST video editing tool on the market. Clip, cut, adjust, and stitch videos together with just the touch of a button.

Canva - This app allows you to add frames, text, and graphic elements to your videos. Canva also offers easy to use animation tools to create motion graphics for social media.

Videoleap - Want to layer two videos on top of each other? This tool lets you do just that.

VSCO - Create beautiful, custom filters for your videos in this app.

Tezza - Create professional-looking videos with the Tezza App. Once you're done, toggle over to the filter pre-sets and chose from a collection of influencer-inspired filters.

Record It - This app allows you to capture a video recording of your phone screen. It's great for tutorials, how-to videos, and so much more! This app is a must if you're on TikTok.

Cutstory - Cut your video into smaller, more digestible clips with this free app. It's also great for making slideshows in a flash.

Mojo - Animate your Instagram stories with these pre-designed animation templates.

Adobe Spark - Add a moving text feature to your photos or videos.

Looper - Turn any video into an ongoing loop with the Looper app.

TikTok - TikTok isn't just a social media platform. It is also a powerful video creation tool with one of the largest libraries of AI effects and filters available.

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