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Jul 02, 2018

ConvertKit, a creator-focused email marketing tool built by Nathan Barry have just announced at Craft + Commerce 2018, that ConvertKit will no longer be ConvertKit.  

The bootstrapped company who has more than 19,000 active customers and doing over $1 million a month quickly gained popularity after getting the backing of influential marketers like Pat Flynn and Joanna Wiebe.

In a keynote presentation to attendees this morning at JUMP Boise, Idaho, Founder Nathan Barry unveiled a number of exciting product announcements which included a new form builder / editor, in-depth reporting, infrastructure and purchases.   Nathan concluded product announcements showing attendees a demo of a new email editor that will ship later this year.   

As a round of an applause concluded, Nathan said that there was 'one more thing'. 

With an excited but yet intrigued audience,  Nathan took a gasp of breath and went onto say that the name ConvertKit did not feel right to him anymore.  He said that it did not line with the mission of 'Helping Creators Earn A Living'.  

"ConvertKit doesn’t capture the mission we’re on to serve you. 

We needed a new name. Something that captures how much we care about you and how much you care about serving your audience.  So we’re taking a second chance on a first impression.  As of today, ConvertKit is now Seva."

Nathan went on to talk about the logo which emphasizes harmony and proportion which was inspired by the golden ratio. 

A spokesperson for Seva said " As of today, ConvertKit is now Seva.  Pronounced Seh-vuh it means “selfless service,” and we can’t imagine a more appropriate description for how you’re building your business or what we’re here to do as a company.

We’re playing a different game because we believe the future belongs to creators. The creators who believe selfless service is how we all win. And we’re all in on building that future together.

Today is day one all over again. And we couldn’t be more excited to keep serving you."

ConvertKit is now Seva.    For a 30 day trial, click here.  

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