Connecting Social Media And Email Marketing

Oct 08, 2017

Social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and email marketing can be incredibly powerful tools for any business and now afford all of us increased opportunities for exposure, sales and awareness that just didn’t exist years ago.

However, despite having access to these incredibly powerful marketing tools we still see businesses not taking full advantage. We thought we would address the problem head on!


In a digital world, with so many different channels, connection is an important tactic and in this case it’s about connecting your social audience to your email marketing list. If you can encourage this connection and actively grow your mailing list you are creating a legacy that goes beyond your one-off advertising budgets.


It has been widely reported that social organic reach has been decreasing steadily for a number of years. As a result businesses are more inclined to treat these channels like any other advertising platform and if you’re doing the same make sure you think before you link.

Any time you create an ad campaign you need to ensure that you’re sending potential customers to the exact page necessary to drive your business goals forward.

Gone are the days of sending social media followers to your generic website homepage and, unless you’re steering them towards a specific product page to purchase, you need to direct click-throughs to a page with email signup options available.

Why? Legacy after your social adverts have finished.



You now know that you have to think before you link but where should that precious link direct people to?

There have been entire articles, reports and e-books dedicated to the art of landing pages but we will keep it short and simple to get you going. A landing page is a specific page that you are directing users to in order to achieve something, usually a purchase or an email signup.


To create a landing page that converts you need to focus on two things. First, create a page with a single purpose in mind and second, test as many different aspects of the page after the initial launch to ensure the highest possible performance.



Creating this connection, via a considered approach to links and landing pages, is important because without it every penny you spend within social media advertising platforms is gone forever without any potential for legacy.

 You might boost sales or increase awareness during the active campaign but when the money stops any interest generated disappears unless you capture potential customer emails and then connect with them in the weeks and months that follow through various email marketing campaigns.

 Think things through, analyse every aspect of your campaign and landing page and get more out of your social advertising budgets.

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