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content marketing social media marketing Jun 15, 2021
What You Should Be Doing On Social Media Daily

Social media is an essential part of building a successful online business today.

When our clients come to us with the hopes of growing their social media following, one question is always on everyone's mind - how do I grow my channel organically?

It's no secret that the use of fake followers and bots is a turn-off for your audience, but it can also be an easy solution to grow quickly. But before you take this path, consider what will happen when people find out about these tricks - they'll never trust or engage with your brand again!

So while organic growth on social media requires constant action, we recommend taking steps towards authenticity instead so that you're not left scrambling around later trying to fix something.

It's not always obvious what you should and shouldn't do on social media. We've put together a comprehensive list of dos and don'ts so that you'll be able to make your presence felt online!

Let’s dive into the list of tasks to do on social media!

Daily Community Outreach

You should be sharing some type of content with your audience every day. For the best results, we recommend one post per feed at most. Why? Anything more than two posts per day will start to confuse and overwhelm followers who follow you on your social media profiles! 

In addition, your daily posts are in competition with each other - it's better to draw all attention towards a single post rather than divide it between multiple ones by posting too often.

If you want to share more, show up on Instagram Stories or reels for example! This is a great way to connect with your followers in an informal and creative way.

Bonus: Use fun features like polls or quizzes for even better engagement from your following.

Engaging With Your Followers

Engagement is important for the success of your social profiles. The more people that engage with you on social media, like comments and shares, or save content to read later — it will have increased visibility!

Here’s some food for thought: don't forget about those engaging comments!

You should respond back no matter how small they are. A follower who never interacts again could be because their comment was ignored; make sure not to do that too often by responding when appropriate so you can keep building a connection between your followers.

The more you respond, the more they will engage.

Engaging With Your Target Audience (Outside Of Your Following)

In order to attract more followers, it is important that you engage with people outside of your following who still fall within the category of your target audience. If you’re not sure how to find those accounts, start by searching for them under hashtags that are relevant to what type content they post.

For example if their account posts outdoor-focused pictures or videos then search #outdoorwomen and comment on some related articles in a helpful way!

Most likely these new potential followers will return the favour through likes and follows back because they know exactly what interests them about this person's work too.

Optimizing Your Content With Reach-boosting Features

Don’t forget the value of an increased reach, and increased visibility for growth. Engagement is essential, but so too is creating ways for people outside your following to find you!

Optimize your content by always adding a location tag, and including on-brand hashtags that are relevant to the content you share. If looking for reposts from pages with big followings; be sure to tag them in their graphic/photo!

A re-post from accounts such as these will undoubtedly draw new attention back onto your profiles.

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