Why Your Social Media Isn't Converting and How You Can Fix It

Mar 24, 2021
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In order to close clients / sales on social media, the majority of posts you share should be a valuable asset that can engage your followers.

The aesthetic of the feed will only get them in the door, but if there's nothing else worthwhile for people to see and interact with then they'll quickly go elsewhere. 

You need something more than words to get your audience's attention. You need valuable, compelling and engaging content in order to make them pull out their credit / debit card. 

Business owners are always looking to promote themselves, but social media is a chance for customers to get know each other--it's time you start telling their stories.

Businesses often forget that they're not the only ones on social media and so should be focusing more of their attention towards what happens outside of them than just promoting themselves like it seems necessary with posts such as "New Product!" or "Introducing XYZ".

It's great when people want to share about new products/services because then potential clients can find out all about it before even meeting in person.

However, at least half of your posts should focus on those who have helped make your business possible: your customers!

The hard truth is that customers are selfish, and they want to know how your business will benefit THEM. They don't care about what you can do for them in return; they only care if YOU have the ability to change THEIR life. This is when your business will start seeing real success!

How do you do this? 

1. Your business is a solution to a problem

Contrary to popular belief, people buy solutions. Your ideal client / customer has a problem and you have the solution that will fix it and make their life better/easier/more meaningful.

Notice again that this is about your clients needs being addressed - not features or price point or product descriptions.

2. Your audience is the most important part of your content.

Is your content providing value to followers? Nowadays, social media is a heavily saturated industry. If you’re not leading the pack, chances are that you're lost in the middle and will never make converted sales!

3. Show instead of telling

Talking about the benefits of your own product/service is like bragging to friends on Facebook that you're having a good hair day. No one really cares when they see "bragging" updates from their social media connections, and content marketing should be no different!

Instead share with them for example what products / services you use by giving an overview of WHY it's so great for them too - think how-to posts or exploring other aspects not directly related to your company but still tied into its branding goals.

This way people can get the same results as well as gain insight behind why these things are essential in today's world.

4. Bring your audience into the conversation 

One of the key reasons for businesses to be on social media is to engage with their audience and build awareness. The second you start talking AT your audience and not TO them is the second that they will become disengaged and uninterested. Be sure that you’re using strong call to actions in all of your posts, responding to comments and messages, providing educational material, and making content that your audience actually cares about!

As a business owner, if you’re not putting your customers first, they are going to find someone else who is. Don’t fall into this perpetuating cycle. Make sure you’re selling to your customer’s needs, benefits, and values and not your own.  

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