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louise brogan social bee ni Jan 12, 2019

Your very first question is probably ‘Why do I need a personal website to promote my business and products?’ That’s what most people ask. 

If you’ve been paying attention so far in my previous blog posts, however, you’d already know the answer to that question. You want a personal website so that your clients can get to know you, and your personality. If they like you, and trust you, then you already have a relationship, and a sale is the next logical step! You may think that it’s simpler to go with the cookie cutter site that all affiliates have, but EVERYONE has one of those, and there’s zero personality to them. 
Your site will fail, just like everyone else’s does, because your clients have no idea who you are, and why they should trust you, let alone trust you with their money! Don’t get me wrong, some of the cookie clutter, replicated sites out there look pretty fancy, and they can work as a part of your overall marketing plan, but they shouldn’t be the basis of that plan. Remember that when someone accesses your site, they’re probably wary, and maybe even a little sceptical. A replicated site won’t reassure them, no matter how slick it looks. 
The simple fact is, no one out there has your exact history. They don’t have your experiences, and they don’t have your talents or stories. That’s what sets your personal site apart from your business site, and while it’s okay to back your personal site up with a replicated site, your first contact with your prospects should always be a personal one, through your own personal website. 
Let’s consider how your prospect feels for a minute or two, however. Let’s say they land on your replicated site. They’ve probably seen one (or dozens, or hundreds) like it before, and they’re probably wary of scams and schemes. Your replicated affiliate sites might even LOOK a little like some of the scam sites they’ve encountered, and even if it’s a legitimate opportunity, they’re probably wary. 
The first thing they see when they land is a SALES page, and while sales pages may have worked years ago, when they were the exception to the norm, nearly every internet user these days knows when they’re being ‘sold.’ What they don’t see is what they need to make a buying decision. They don’t see a friendly face, or a story they can relate to. They don’t see the information they want – just a lot of vague, sales related double speak. Their fears are only going to be compounded by your all too familiar sounding pitch, and they’re likely to be a little frustrated and annoyed that there’s no real information on your page either. 
The result, in about 99.9% of all cases, is that that visit is going to last about 10 seconds, and it will be the only visit that person makes to your site. That’s exactly why a replicated site doesn’t work on its own, and that’s exactly why, if you do something different, and bring your personality and brand into the mix, you’ll stand out from 99.9% of the other marketers out there! 
It’s GOOD news that everyone else is clinging to the doomed idea of their replicated page being their best marketing strategy! It means that YOUR page, with your personal message, and the relationship that you build, one of trust and friendship, will bring you sales that those other marketers couldn’t ever dream of getting! 
At the very least, your personal page will spark curiosity, and that will result in further investigation, followed by dialogue, and finally, a sale. We’ll get into the details of what specific content you should have on your site later on, but for now, start thinking about what you can say that will make your prospects trust you more, and more likely to buy. 
Forget about selling – consider their needs. They need to be reassured. They need information. They need someone they can trust to give them that information. 
Make your site the place that they find what they need, and you’ll have prospects falling over each other to sign up, rather than running as fast as they can from your sales page! 
Your website is the first step in your marketing. It establishes your credibility and whets your prospect’s appetite. That means that by the time they call or email you – and they will – they’re already hungry for what you’re selling. 
That’s a crucial factor here though – if and when people do call you, you or your assistant (if you have one) needs to be available. Why? For the same reason, you have a personal website. 
You want your prospects to know that they’re dealing with a real person, and that you’re available to them. Why do you think so many people hang up when they reach an automated answering service? Because they want to speak to a real person. That person, in this case, has to be you or your personal assistant! 
The next golden rule for your website, in order to ensure that you start building trust from the first click, and make it to the first call, is to avoid free sites. Why? Well there are plenty of reasons. 
First, if you can’t afford a real site, you can’t be all that successful, can you? 
Next, there are the ads, which are annoying to say the least. Then there’s the fact that you don’t have a top-level domain, which makes marketing harder. It only takes a few dollars to register a real domain, and a few more a month for hosting, so this is one area where you need to spend a little to gain a lot! 

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