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5 Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Strategy For Greater Reach And Engagement

Sep 17, 2017

How does Facebook’s News Feed algorithm work?

To play the game, you must know the rules. So first, let’s talk about how Facebook’s algorithm works and what’s behind its News Feed ranking.

Facebook designs its algorithm around individual user preferences in conjunction with the following News Feed core values. “These values guide our thinking and help us keep the central experience of News Feed intact as it evolves,” vice president of News Feed Adam Mosseri wrote:

  • Friends and family come first: Stories from your friends and family appear higher in your feed.
  • Your feed should inform: Stories that are interesting and informative to you appear higher in your feed.
  • Your feed should entertain: Stories that Facebook finds entertaining to you appear higher in your feed.
  • A platform for all ideas: Facebook doesn’t favor sources or ideas. It delivers stories that are most meaningful to you.
  • Authentic communication: Facebook will only show stories that are genuine, not “misleading, sensational and spammy.”
  • You control your experience: Post features such as “see first,” “unfollow” and “hide” let you choose what you want to see.
  • Constant iteration: Facebook is dedicated to continued improvement.

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