5 Tips to Grow Your Instagram: Get More Followers and Likes

social media marketing May 23, 2021

Instagram is a great social media platform for businesses. It's not just about your business, though - it's also about building relationships with your customers and followers.

If your Instagram account has hit a plateau, you are not alone. Growing an audience takes time and effort (and patience), but if that process is slowing down for no reason then it might be time to start thinking outside the box - or at least try something new!

Today we’re sharing some tips to re-start the growth momentum so you can start seeing results for all of your efforts!

Show your face more

The reason your Instagram feed is flooded with selfies might be because faces convert! The algorithm favors any picture, but it's a no-brainer that the more face there is in an image, the better. So when you want to get even higher on people’s feeds, just show off those beautiful features and give them exactly what they crave: Faces!

Pay attention to your analytics

Do you know your audience? You need to understand them in order for any marketing campaign to be successful. Is their preferred content educational or entertaining? How much time do they spend on the web and what are their favorite social media platforms; YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc.? These questions can all be answered with analytics but it's important that if growth has stalled since last quarter then you prioritize top-performing channels of communication now before anything else!

Try new features

Every time a new feature rolls out on Instagram, they make sure to promote it as much as possible and you can tell. There are millions of people who use the social media app every day, so when something new gets released everyone wants to know about it! If you want your posts boosted in order for more followers or likes then go ahead and give their newest updates some love by trying them out yourself.

Show up on video

Video is taking over the social media world. Instagram video feature 'Reels' that launched last year, which will allow viewers to watch videos in full-screen with all of your favorite filters and editing tools available! This update should be coming soon so stay tuned for more information about it like how you can make awesome clips from existing content that’ll get shared as well as where these reels are going to show up on other platforms besides IGTV.

Use hashtags effectively

The power of hashtags is underwhelming, but if you know how to use them correctly and effectively, it’ll lead to more followers. They should be relevant. You shouldn't have too many because they'll cover up the content that's sharing with them!

Engage, engage, engage

Posting on social media is like any other skill: if you want to be successful, it's best not only to have a lot of posts but also engage with others. If possible, try commenting or liking the content that pops up in your feed and/or under hashtags you use often! You'll get more engagement from followers as they notice their comments are being noticed.

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