3 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Your Business Social Pages

content marketing social media marketing Jul 18, 2021

If you’re looking to launch a new brand/product or service, you know that a presence on social media is a crucial component to getting the word out there about your business.

Before you go live on social...

Make sure you have your brand finalized.

A consistent brand is key to a cohesive look and good branding means that your audience will have an easy time navigating through the pages of your website or social media pages. When you’ve finalized all aspects of your logo, fonts, colors, etc., it makes creating content easier for yourself in the future.

Decide on your content buckets

As a business owner, you are probably always thinking of what your customers want to know more about.

They may be asking questions or wondering how they can use your product/service in their daily lives. In order for them to get the information that will help make an informed decision on whether or not this is something they would like, it's important that you have content buckets as part of your strategy!

You could easily divide up topics into informational (educational) and lighthearted (brand awareness). With these two different types of posts available at any time during the month, it'll keep things fresh so people don't feel overwhelmed with everything all at once.

Having content buckets as a part of your strategy will make it easier to plan out each month.

Don't start posting without researching your hashtags

It’s important to have a branded hashtag (Ex: #Triovia) as well as an assortment of widely used and more niche hashtags. For example, “#instadogs" is popular in the dog community while "#plantsarethefuture" may be best suited for gardening enthusiasts!

Avoid using too generic hashtags in your posts because it will get lost among the mass of other content that also uses this hashtag. But, don't use a niche hashtag either or you're likely to not catch anyone's eye. Try finding an appropriate balance between 10k-250k and make sure to check how often each one is used before adding them into any posts.

Don’t forget to use hashtags on LinkedIn and Facebook, but keep those limited. Since these platforms don’t use hashtags as frequently as Instagram, stick with broader-use tags that are more effective (3 or 5) for these platforms.

Once you have these three components in place, you’ll be ready to build your social media business pages successfully!

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