2019 : Why Are Customers Choosing ConvertKit Over Drip?

Jan 03, 2019

Customers are migrating away from email and CRM marketing platform Drip in droves due to alleged deliverability issues and an unexpected price increase later this month. 

In a recent email which you can view below sent to all customers states that due to recent improvements on their infrastructure etc that their monthly pricing is getting a 'little boost'.  

The ConvertKit team are offering everyone considering the move away from Drip after the deliverability issues and price increase a concierge migration.  

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ConvertKit's MISSION is to help creators earn a living online.

What’s a creator? A creator might be a blogger, author, maker, YouTuber, poet, painter, musician, podcaster, chef, designer, or teacher.

A spokesperson for ConvertKit said "What binds the creators we serve together is that they make a living doing work that matters, and they earn that living online."

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